We’re pleased to announce,

that we have appointed Flakron Shala as Elanor‘s new Country Manager in Kosovo, with effect from 1st August, 2020 and at the same time as a member of the Supervisory Board.

Flakron‘s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s current state: ready to take on the future and fired up after strong years of growth and many satisfied  customers.

He joins us 3 years ago as an employee of Elanor Inc. based in Prague, Czech Republic and proposes the new strategy for business development and expansion in Republic of Kosovo as a new opportunity to grow. The board of directors approves the initiative he proposed with great expectations.

Flakron has demonstrated his range of management skills, experience and curiosity that could not be more relevant or necessary to Elanor’s success in the years ahead.

According to the business plan, Elanor in Kosovo will open many opportunities for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Once the risk of the current pandemic is slightly reduced and better travel and work conditions are created, we will take all the necessary steps to launch the company branch in Kosovo.
Flakron is really looking forward to sharing his own ideas about what that future for the team and for the company expansion might look like.

We trust that the new branch in his own country, Kosovo, will soon become one of the most successful companies in Europe in the field of Human Resources and Payroll Management.

Elanor team


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