Elanor at the “Health care 2018“ conference

Elanor has become a partner of two expert parts of the “Health care 2018” conference, which took place from 12th to 13th October 2017 at the Grandior Hotel in Prague.

The Director of Elanor, Tomáš Grec, addressed the issue of “Remuneration in Health Care” within a panel discussion, and responded to the question of what a software company can offer to healthcare facilities in this respect. The second day our company was represented in the program by Ondřej Kolařík, Director of the Implementation and SW Support department, who, within the subject of “Management of healthcare facilities”, talked about the specific advantages of integrating the HR management system into the comprehensive management of a healthcare facility and, as an example, he mentioned experience when implementing services at Bulovka hospital.

Minister of health of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Ludvík, personally attended the “Health care 2018“ conference. The discussion focused mainly on the current state of the Czech healthcare system, the outlook for the next period, visions, intentions and expected changes.

In the expert part of the panel dedicated to the topic “Management of Healthcare Facilities”, Ondřej Kolařík, Director of the Implementation and SW Support department was the presenter for Elanor.