Payroll and HR system EGJE

A comprehensive HR solution

  • It provides all standard administration of personnel work and supports complex personnel and payroll processes
  • It is divided into various modules with a relative possibility to install each part separately
  • It is suitable for using the Oracle as well as Microsoft databases
  • It enables to set up user’s rights up to an individual item
  • Thanks to a unified appearance and interconnection of modules it enables visual and intuitive operation (unnecessary to switch on individual modules separately)
  • It is intended for specialists as well as managers and employees
  • It is always in compliance with the latest legal regulations and is subject to regular upgrade
  • It contains an elaborated select and search feature
  • Alternatively, it can operate in web interface without losing functionality
  • It adapts to specific needs of clients
  • It demonstrates high system reliability of data protection
  • It enables integration with the current company information systems
  • It is equipped with a broad scale of configurations and possibilities to create bespoke configurations
  • It provides various formats based on configuration and export needs of users ( xls, pdf, xml, txt, html, rtf )
  • The majority of data can be operatively exported to Excel and processed further
  • Within one database it is possible to use several language versions (independently of legal regulations)
  • Within one database it is possible to make wage calculations in more than one legislation (in CZ and SK )
  • Especially in the personnel administration module it works as a process