A comprehensive solution for HR agenda!

Elanor Global Java Edition

Elanor Global Java Edition software – EGJE is a tool for human resource management – an information system that solves payroll, HR as well as attendance agenda in a comprehensive way both for companies and offices with dozens, but also many thousands of employees. It is regularly legislatively updated and open for further development and configuration according to the customer’s individual needs.

What are the particular areas of EGJE and what do they allow for?

Payroll area

It is the basic component of EGJE, it serves for calculation and settlement of wages. It includes comprehensive payroll processing from receipt of documents from the attendance system to preparing outputs for internal analyses, state administration bodies and public service authorities.
By means of payroll area wage deductions are made, payslips, payroll reports and statistics are generated and registration sheets are processed. Also, registrations of employees to Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies in order to ensure social and health insurance and termination of these registrations are made within this area.
This agenda and other areas are constantly updated and are always in line with Czech and Slovak legislation.

Basic HR

Records personnel data within the scope of Czech and Slovak legislation. Ensures all usual personnel activities (start of employment, changes of data, analyses, statistics etc.), records and all the legal (labour) relationships.
It is possible to generate a large number of outputs and reports from the system (a large number of employee lists with parameterized sorting, registered number of employees, average registered number of employees, starters, leavers and reassignment of employees etc.).


Comprehensively solves the attendance area – keeps records of attendance in a daily or a monthly form, schedules breakdown of shifts, performs legislative control, evaluates deviations from standard working hours, evaluates food allowances, generates data for wages.
Access to the system is possible through a standard application (Java client) or a web superstructure (web client).
It is possible to connect to various access control systems – the so-called attendance readers.

Travel orders

Ensures the process of circulating a travel order through workflow from a business trip request to its billing. It also supplies documents for payment of road tax, allows export of travel expenses to wages. It also allows sending reimbursement to wages, sending travel expenses directly to the bank account of the employee and preparing data for accounting.


It contains a set of all requirements for educational activities that occur in the organization. The aim is to balance the supply and demand, which is reflected in a sufficiently comprehensive catalogue of events and courses with the possibility of a workflow for the registration and management of training events.

Job seekers

Records data on job seekers. Includes a tool for selection of new employees and reporting. It allows you to adapt to specific customer requirements including possible integration with third-party systems.

Other HR activities

It focuses on benefits, work aids, employee assessment for fulfilling work tasks, medical examinations, OSH, controlling and related reporting.


Deals with user settings and management of users, including their access rights to individual parts of the application. Identifies the user who made changes in the database or launched certain processes.


Defines, sets up and manages the organization structure, structure of vacancies, functions, categories, and a variety of other optional customer structures. Generates organizational charts and reports.