We relieve you of your payroll worries!

We are ready to take charge of your wage accounting completely. It saves you costs and you can be sure of timely, quality and flawless payroll processing. We can calculate wages for example for 20, but also for 6.000 employees. The entire process begins with collection of the necessary data and ends with distribution of electronic payslips and money to employee accounts. You do not have to worry almost about anything.

Why payroll outsourcing from us?

  • Experience – In the Czech Republic we have been calculating wages for our customers already since 2000. We also have long-term experience in calculating wages in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Professional capacity -We have a strong background of professional staff who take care of timely and error-free payroll processing of our clients. You do not have to solve the problem of substitutability of payroll accountants.
  • Own system – We have developed our own HR and payroll software open for further extensions and upgrades. We communicate with our customers through our own customer portal.
  • Technological know-how – We are able to interconnect our system with other types of software. We cooperate with suppliers of attendance system, thanks to which we are faster and more effective in providing payroll outsourcing.
  • Up-to-date legislative – We are constantly monitoring changes in legislation and reflecting them into our system.
  • Branch network – Thanks to our cooperation with both Czech and European branches, we can calculate wages for employees of different tax jurisdictions.
  • Control – You have the possibility of online access to your personal agenda and tracking of processed data.
  • Saving – You will save time and costs for operation of payroll department.
  • Responsibility – Responsibility for hardware and software is up to us. We will assume responsibility for outputs and communication with state organizations and banks.

What can we offer within payroll outsourcing?

  • Payroll records and wage data management – We provide management of basic payroll data for employees, enter other variable data into the system, record reported absences and other records needed for wage calculation and prepare payroll documents for employees in accordance with local legislation.
  • Consultation and counselling – We communicate with the customer on the topic of wage issues through our own ESP portal solution or use other agreed interface for support. We help with external audits and inspections by local authorities and provide basic information on payroll legislation.
  • Calculating and processing wages – We check and prepare payroll data, including their backups. We process final accounts and perform payroll and wage calculations. We process statutory annual, quarterly and monthly outputs as well.
  • Payroll processing follow-up services – We process outputs for accounting. We generate and distribute payslips in an electronic PDF format that is password-protected. We provide payroll outputs and reports in accordance with local legislation.
  • Communication with third parties – We create outputs for making mandatory payments. On your behalf, we provide and submit mandatory reporting to statutory bodies, to which we also provide feedback to their inquiries. We also communicate with third parties in the private sphere, such as pension funds or life insurance companies.
  • Administration and maintenance of payroll application – We maintain the application settings in accordance with local legislation

ESP – a helper and guide on the path of payroll processing

Communication and exchange of information with the customer is primarily through the own portal solution of Elanor Service Portal – ESP. It serves as an instrument for providing our clients with services and for mutual communication and handover of the necessary data. In the case of payroll outsourcing, it is also a guide to the entire process of payroll processing.

Favourable combination of two of our services

We recommend combining payroll outsourcing with rental of application (ASP). Rent system functionality only and you can access it remotely at any time and from anywhere. You can thus monitor the data we process for you and have it constantly under control according to assigned roles.